Register Data Systems has applied the state of the art hard disk automation technology that goes into our Phantom digital audio systems to the area of program delay, and has developed a device that will soon be the standard. The Replicator. The Replicator

Finally you can air satellite-delivered programs when you want. Air that top of the hour network news at the end of your music sweep instead. Air the weekly music countdown in the morning instead of carrying it live from the satellite at night. Even automated programs can be delayed, because the Replicator records relay activity along with the audio and repeats the relay closures during playback. Your automation system won't know it's not a live satellite feed.

No more racks of reel-to-reel machines, timers, and tone encoders. The Replicator makes them all obsolete.

The Replicator works with just about any source of equipment, including satellite receivers and telephone autocouplers. With the Replicator it's just as easy to delay Sunday church programs as it is to delay hourly news and commentary.

With optional audio switchers, the Replicator can automatically select different program sources for recording. The Replicator can also close relays to select transponders and audio channels on satellite receivers. No more missed programs because the transponder was tuned to the wrong channel.

All systems can record one program while airing another program. Larger systems may record two or more different programs while airing another program!

The Replicator can also air a program before recording is complete. Recordings may be started by exact time, relay closures, or audio levels. Both recording and playback can be pre-programmed with a weekly schedule of events.

Basic systems start with 20 hours of stereo storage time or 40 hours of mono storage time and feature MPEG digital encoding.

The Replicator is the perfect companion to The Phantom digital on-air system or most other brands of on-air digital audio systems for long-form program delay and management.



The Replicator CPU is a high performance Pentium-class processing system interfaced with video, communications, digital signal processing, and data acquisition subsystems. The Replicator CPU is available with hard disk configurations with recording storage from 24 hours to 99+ hours. All systems also include a playback DSP, a record DSP, 1.44 megabyte 3.5" floppy drive, VGA color monitor, 101 key enhanced keyboard, 24 contact closure inputs, and 8 contact closure outputs.


Although the Replicator can only play back one program at a time, it can record two or more programs simultaneously, while also playing back a program.

8 contact closure outputs is usually enough for most satellite programming.  But in the rare instance you need more, we can add an additional 8.  

A Broadcast Tools SS 8.2 audio switcher provides the Replicator with the option to record programs originating from two or more individual sound sources.  It includes eight balanced stereo inputs and two balanced stereo outputs. Under the control of the Replicator, the switcher can route any input to any output. The switcher requires one rack space. Additional Broadcast Tools audio switchers are available to increase the number of input sources.

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