RDS System Six is the premier Sales/Traffic/Billing/Accounts Receivable system for the broadcast industry. RDS System Six is the result of years of development, incorporating features and ideas from hundreds of broadcasters all over North America.

Designed by broadcasters, for broadcasters, RDS System Six has all of the power and versatility you've been looking for.

Orders can be entered just once, covering any period of time from days to weeks to years … even until further notice. Each order can hold up to 255 lines of scheduling information and automatically rotate multiple spots. RDS System Six automatically generates logs, placing spots in restricted programs, exact times, an infinite variety of day-parts, rotate throughout the day or in user-defined TAP and ROS schedules.

Logging information is stored by RDS System Six so exact time affidavits and invoices are available instantly and accurately. Clients can be billed any time: broadcast month, calendar month, end-of-flight or on demand anytime you wish. RDS System Six also stores and prints co-op copy according to ANA guidelines.

Billing information is automatically posted to the RDS System Six Open Items Accounts Receivable, where you can run statements for any or all clients any time you wish, as often as you wish. Ledger reports are available in many different ways: aging client balances, grouped by sales person, alphabetically, or numerically. Collection letters you compose may be printed for any or all clients, with different letters automatically selected by RDS System Six based on the age of each client's balance.

Management reports are yours at the touch of a button, showing projected sales, avails, program sponsorships sold, expiring orders, collections, client history for up to six years, competitive history, client activity reports, aging and more.

RDS System Six also interfaces to most automation systems, eliminating one more time-consuming task. Logs can be easily transferred to automation electronically, which also eliminates many costly errors.

RDS System Six makes all of this power and versatility easy to use. Hundreds of context-sensitive help screens guide the operator through data entry and producing reports, with no confusing codes to memorize. All reports are available on paper or on the screen with the option to print later. Report layouts are adjustable to suit your needs.

If you're looking for maximum efficiency, maximum productivity, and maximum service, you can't afford anything less than RDS System Six!

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